Book boyfriends

If you want to join this meme created by Something of the books, go to the link before. Today’s theme is book boyfriend as you read on the title, but I made a list of this last week, so I want to do this different hoping you’ll join. I am going to put fanart of those in my book boyfriends list, but I am not going to mention their name so you can guess it! I want this to be a kind of interactive post, I hope it turns out good and that you’ll join me in this. Ready?

I think this one is easy.
I think this is an unpopular opinion…
I think another easy one… by @psitsjo
Super easy

Now is your turn, name the characters (if you have a fan art you love from one of these characters, leave a link). Hope you liked this method. Keep reading and crating! Byeeeeeeeee!

4 thoughts on “Book boyfriends

  1. aaaaah! I love this twist but I totally don’t know any except the last one which I’m assuming is Peter and Laura Jean from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before? And I feel like I should know the second one but I can’t think of it! I’m terrible with fanart because my brain pictures characters in weird ways. Like, I never think of them how they are described and I don’t know why

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    1. Read&Create

      Hahaha I usually think of the characters in a different way too. Tbh most of these I didn’t even pictured them like that. I’ll tell you each one but I’ll wait a little to see if someone guess them 😁 and happy to know that you liked my twist.


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