Sex in books

HI, sorry for the late post, I was busy with college but here I am to talk with you about sex in books. Let me know what you think about this in the comments, twitter @CreateRead or doing a post and leaving the link in the comments.

When do yo think is to much sex in books? What is a good sex scene to you?

First of all, not every one like sex in books and we all know that. Secondly, I don’t read romance/smut books so I’m focusing on more low key books for this discussion.

I think a good sex scene in books is one that is “slow burning”, not a scene with every single detail of what is going on and what is happening to each ones body (that is why smut exists). I like realistic “sweet” sex scenes where both the characters are into everything that is going on, where there is not rushed or pressured. Give me something sexy, that makes me feel like I am being part of all that and that makes me guess what is going to happen next. Keep me guessing and imagining what they are feeling or how they are reacting without even writing a whole page about it. Write about sexual tension and a hidden desire (of each other, not kinky stuff) the characters have that leads them to that point. Just DON’T WRITE SMUT, if I want smut, I’ll go to Wattpad or something like that.

With that said I think is too much when the characters relay on it just to “solve” their problems or just because they are bored and they keep doing it over, and over, and over again. Is the same with when there is no consent from one of the characters or when one do something the other one do not like/enjoy/want. When the scenes becomes OVERLY descriptive of what is going on… (insert annoyed voice here) how she sees every muscle in his body tense, how she can feel his penis get harder (sorry, I had to, that’s how they do it), how he likes how she says his name, or how her body gets every time he do something to her… WE KNOW ABOUT HUMAN BODY THANKS!

I bet there are many things that I like and don’t like about sex scenes in books (or even in movies and TV shows) but I can’t think of anything else… my head is shutting down. Hope you enjoyed, and let me know what you think about this. Thanks for reading me, keep reading and creating! Take care. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

3 thoughts on “Sex in books

  1. lucysnovelpurpose

    I’d prefer sex scenes to be left out of like fantasy books because I’m reading it for fantasy and not romance/sex. I feel there are a lot of books that just include because they feel it needs to be included.


    1. Read&Create

      Yes! I forgot to write that, I prefer books without sex scenes. And I haven’t read a lot of sex scenes in fantasy (I’m still a little scared of fantasy or I get bored) but I know there is a lot of people that says the same thing you said.

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