6 months into blogging…

Hi, thank you for being here and join me in this adventure and for sticking with me through this 6 months. On today’s post I want to talk about what I’ve been feeling and doing this 6 months.

The beginning

If you are here since day one, you know I started blogging on January 1st. It has been something that I have always been intrigued and wanted to do for a long time. So my boyfriend told me to go on and do it because he knew how much I wanted to try this. I started posting book reviews and tags and I was feeling really good about it, I was surprised that there were people reading the posts I made. A month later I decide to post every day for the Valentine’s week and those post didn’t got the attention I thought they would get, but I enjoyed writing them and they have been the ones I put a lot of effort in making them. Then in March I decide to start two new series, hoping people would join me, named Thank you… and What about?, the last ones, being the post that most likes got and I was really proud of those post, not because of the likes/views, but because I was talking about what I like and don’t like.

The middle

Here comes madness… On April I tried the Bookending Spring “challenge” and… I failed miserably! I made just 2 posts and the minimum was 3… let’s skip ahead. This month too I started another series talking about series and movies (I… need to pick that one up to!) those post got attention too and I loved them because I could fangirl and rant and everything about the series I love and no one else watch with me! The struggle, I know! but… after that… everything when downhill. My last ACTUAL post was published on April 10 and the next one, INCOMPLETE, was published on April 30th, the biggest embarrassment of my blogging so far. After that, some things happen, and I went away again (if you would like a little more info, let me know) and… the next actual post was on May 22nd, THE ONE WITH THE MOST AMOUNT OF LIKES!

This month

This month has been good for my writing, comparing it to April and May, but it has been bad for how I been feeling about blogging and the book community. I have been putting a lot of effort on trying to connect with my follower on twitter and subscribers here, but I feel like I’m talking alone in both platforms. I know I can’t force someone to share something, like or read a post, or even answer to my tweet. I know the number of followers I have is small but I ‘m trying to connect with the community and the people that took time in following me and my blog. I’m happy with the experience, don’t get me wrong, but I would like to interact a little more with all of you.

Thank you for being here with me, I’m looking forward to get the 100 subscribers and making a Q&A, and posting more and more because I really love writing.

Let me know if you would like to see something in the blog that I haven’t done. Tell me something you think I could change to make the blog better or more interesting. AND… PLEASE let me know what popular YA series you think I should read, backlist please, I’m in the mood to read a “old” YA series that everyone loves and I think I’m not going to like Hunger Games, etc (because my mind went blank! *eyeroll*)

Let’s talk about how you’ve been feeling about blogging and the book community!

Thank you for reading me and talk to me. Keep reading and creating! Take care, see you soon! Byeeeeeeee!


8 thoughts on “6 months into blogging…

  1. Congrats on 6 months of blogging! πŸ˜€

    Don’t be too embarrassed by your mistakes – I accidentally post my scheduled posts all the time, even when I haven’t started them yet! I’m still trying to control my schedule, and balancing writing with reading, but it just takes some practice and passion for your blog to get better at these things.

    Good luck on the next 6 months of blogging, and I’m looking forward to the Q&A! πŸ™‚

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    1. Read&Create

      OMG! THANK YOU SO MUCH! This was so nice of you. I’ll try to be less worried and embarrassed by my mistakes. I’ll try to do the Q&A at the end of the month maybe. And again thank you and good luck to you too! 😊

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  2. congrats on 6 months! it’s definitely tough when it feels like you’re talking to an online void, so kudos on sticking it out.

    my biggest tips for increasing engagement are 1) bloghopping: reading and commenting on other bloggers’ posts (twitter and lists like the Bookending Summer masterlist are great for finding those, in fact that’s how I landed on your blog πŸ˜‰), and 2) joining discord servers with other bloggers – I have a blog page listing the ones I’m in (my blog > About > Bookish Discords) if you’re interested, or of course you can google it! I would also create an About page since in my experience people like getting to know the person behind the blog; you can share as much or as little personal info as you’re comfortable with and talk about your goals for the year / blog / etc.

    hope this helps, and keep hanging in there!

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