Every body is a beach body #BESummer19

Hey everyone! Yade here! Today I’m going to talk to you about body representation in books. You might be thinking “what? that is not an expression!” I know, but I want to use it today, because NOT every type of body is represented in the book we read.

This prompt was created by Isabelle from Bookwyrmbites, for the BESummer19 event. So let’s go!

Body positivity:

For me, body positivity, in books and outside them, is about loving who you are inside and out. Letting everyone know that you OWN what you have and what you are. Yes, I’m going deeper than just skin, body positivity includes every aspect of it. It starts in your mind and then showing that you love it. Besides that is taking care of it and yourself, is knowing that if something doesn’t do any good to you is better to leave it outside of your life or at least distant. Is about encouraging yourself to respect who and ho you are, and looking at everything with your chin high. Maybe I’m talking nonsense to all of you, but for me that is part of body positivity. The other part comes from those who surround you, that type of body positivity is as important as yours, because most of the time the way we think about ourselves is because of how those we love see us. In this aspect, we need to see people looking at us with admiration even if we have a huge scar in any part of our body, is them letting know how they admire that you admire your body and how much they love to see you happy even though your body is not “accepted by the media”. Lastly, body positivity is changing what you like the least but not because you hate it, but because you think “hey, I accept this but I know I can make it better for myself, because it would make me happier or healthier, not because I hate it and everyone does it too.” Body positivity comes from within and from those who are close to us.

What I would enjoy to see more in books?

Well… I would like to see the types of body that won’t fit the “skinny” or “fat” regimen. I would like to see female and male characters accepting their bodies by every inch, not trying to change themselves because of what other thinks, but because of what you feel would be better for your health of your positivity. I would love to see the friend group who would admire and challenge each other to accept them as how they are (male and females) not the Mean Girl type (even though I love that movie). I would love to see more romantic books (yes, I don’t enjoy them) featuring non typical size couples, yes, I know there are books about “skinny” couples or “fit” ones or “fat” ones, but no, there are people outside who don’t fit any of those stereotypes. I would love to see those stereotypes described as something beautiful, like art, like magic, not just saying “she was skinny” or “he was fat” NO, loving! admiring! accepting!

Another thing I would love to see as body positivity is the heights… in almost every book I have read the female is “little and fragile” and the male is “big and strong” NO! There are little guys, big girls! There are not so little or not so big, those who doesn’t even fit in the high standard of their country, who are smaller or higher than what you might think you are going to find in that place. We need more books with diverse body types in color, height, size, scars, disabilities, birthmarks, tattoos, etc. WE NEED MORE BODY POSITIVITY! If we want to stop the media for body shaming, if we want to change the mind of those who hate their bodies, if we want bullying to stop because you are too small, too big, too fat, too skinny. WE NEED TO CHANGE THE TYPE OF “POSITIVITY” WE WRITE IN BOOKS, WE NEED TO BE MORE OPEN TO LOVE OUR CHARACTERS, AS WE WANT EVERYONE TO LOVE THEMSELVES!

Sadly, I don’t have any book to recommend, I haven’t read any book that apply to this. Maybe one… We Set the Dark on Fire by Tahlor Kay Mejia (sorry if I wrote it wrong, let me know if I messed up and I correct it) but there is a scene where, yes, the main character isn’t to loving to her body, but the way she is admiring another character body, for me, is a body positivity aspect, for me it was almost magical how she described and admire it.

Thank you for reading this post, hope you enjoyed it. See you in my next post! Take care, keep reading and creating! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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