With the fire on high SPOILERS blog

Hey, everyone! Yade here! It’s been long since I made a post like this so let’s get back to it. I know it says SPOILERS in the title but it is just in case any of the things/reactions I write down give away a detail of the story.

Well… I just read the first 2 pages and I’m loving it… let’s hope it keeps going like that 🤞

Why does she have to say Moana 3 times in one second?! 😑

The mention on Netflix and using someone else’s account is mood! 😂

Tyrone… like Cloak… 😢😍 sorry I just love Cloak and Dagger too much.

Wow… the first time story…

The similarities with Like Water for Chocolate in the plantains part was amazing.

The constant mention of Food Network got me really into it.

Why he has to call he Santi? Is getting on my nerves and I am 84 pages in and hating how he talks to her.

‘Buelas accident 😥 I felt the pain when I read it.

Hurricane season made my heart ache… just the mention of a hurricane makes me worry.

Sisterhood 💕💕💕

Malachi story 💔

The dinner made me hungry!

Ok… Malachi is smooth.

I know, I know I was rolling my eyes at Malachi at first (and I still think there is chemistry missing here) but I kind of love him now. I mean… MY HEART 😍


And please, let ‘Buela be ok, please.

Well… I knew part of it but I thought ‘Buela had a bf… 😅


These recipes are giving me life!

😂 first Cardi B now Bad Bunny 😂

I finished it and I am just smiling, I’ll let you know my final thoughts on the actual review. Thank you for reading! Take care, keep reading and creating! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

3 thoughts on “With the fire on high SPOILERS blog

  1. Me, not having read With the Fire on High yet: No spoilers please!!!
    Also me: I’m going to read a spoilery review. BECAUSE, REASONS. Also, because I’m super excited to read this and I still have like ten people before me at the library wait list.

    Fun review! I’m glad you liked it!

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    1. Read&Create

      This made me laugh. Thank you for reading it anyway, a review without spoilers is on its way but I think is due for 2 weeks more (I’m well behind in review…) sorry. Glad you liked my review/reaction and I hope you enjoy the book too. 🙂


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