Swiped movie reaction

Hey everyone, Yade here! I’m not going to do a big intro here (and probably not a big post) so, let’s get into the reaction.

You know those movies on Netflix that you know won’t be good but you can’t stop yourself from watching it? Well, this is one.

Swiped is about a super intelligent boy who got into this college (forgot the name) because of financial problems. There he met his roommate and friends who just have one night encounters with girls that meet via a dating app. And with that in mind they get the idea of developing a new “dating” app.

That was my “synopsis” of the movie, probably I’m kind of off. You might be thinking, why are you watching that? Well, my boyfriend and I enjoy watching movies together and I like watching “trashy” movies. And, we like Noah Centineo as a person and as an actor (don’t at me). And we decided on this movie because we couldn’t find any other with him (Netflix might need a better organization).

So… it started with the feeling of being something that might ended up having something to learn from. But it focus too much on the developing of the app. I get that it shows how much danger an app like that can be to women mostly (I think it forgot to show how it can be harmful for men too). And it shows all the work people need to develop an app, well… kind of because it was really “fast” in the movie.

But even tho we have that, the movie was just the app and how they used it and the stuff that went up. The characters, or at least most of them, didn’t show a growth. At the end just some of the girls and 2 boys knew better than they did at the beginning.

But it wasn’t thaaaaat bad, it entertained me, but didn’t made me wanted to watch it again. So… it was like a 5-6/10 for me…

Have you watched it? What do you think of it? Thank you so much for watching, I’ll see you in my next one! Take care, keep reading and creating! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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