SPOILERS! Reading blog for Lobizona by Romina Garber

Please proceed with caution, this post contains SPOILERS! A LOT OF SPOILERS!

  • The first line is AMAZING! If the book keeps going as strong as this first line, IT WON ME!
  • The prologue just hits hard, if you are immigrant or know what these groups go through, you can feel the fear and desparation immigrants feel after crossing “the border”.
  • No one, NO ONE should feel this way, beign an immigrant DOESN’T MAKE YOU A DELINCUENT, it makes you a person who wants to do better. (And yes, I know there are people who cross for the wrong reasons.)
  • THIS is new… menstruation talk on a book, especially a FANTASY BOOK!
  • Cien Años de Soledad! Yas!
  • The way Manuela is describing how she feels in her first day of menstruation is so vivid and raw! I can’t believe I am reading this. Not even TEXT BOOKS discuss this topic. Points to Rmina Garber.
  • The seven son/daughter sstory is intriguing! Give me more!
  • I want to know what is the deal/mystery, with Other Manuela and the girl on the roof with the red smoke.
  • The memory of the birthday party when Manu was 11 is so sad.
  • Her mom is so caring! ❤
  • This book’s quotes are killing me!
  • Perla’s story is the sad reality for so many people.
  • Poor Perla, I hope she is ok.
  • So… Doña Rosa is a beauty parlor? Or that is an alternative Doña Rosa?
  • Wow, I didn’t expect THAT! An underground clinic!
  • The scene where Manuela describes the cucubanos made me feel like I was there, and nostalgic for those nights when you could go out and see them flying around. ❤
  • I love how Manu describes the guy ❤
  • Saysa seems nice.
  • That scene where Cata, Manue and Saysa cross the tree is just pure magic! ❤
  • Not a love triangle PLEASE!
  • The Fierro story is intriguing too!
  • Really?! You didn’t have a better lie than using a HP backstory?!
  • That explains the red smoke, THANK YOU!
  • She said it! She admited who she is!
  • If Manu is nearly 17 the backstory of Fierro disappearing 18 years ago makes no sense! (Don’t judge me I was confused! hahaha)
  • This place (the school) is poor magic! ❤
  • A FEW WEEKS? This is going to be the kind of story where she discovers all her powers in a short period of time? Please, no.
  • Saysa has been helping Manu since before she arrived?! PLOT TWIST!
  • What?! Saysa have human eyes?! What?! This has to be a vision or some error or something else.
  • Witch’s eyes changes? Why? How? WHAT?
  • Protect Saysa at all cost! Nothing bad can happen to her! EVER!
  • Thiago took Manuela to a cave full of books! Human books! ❤ In love!
  • HP is a werewolf! HAHAHAHHAHA
  • Thse scene of her dream/vision was amazing, but her transformation was better!
  • Saysa… YAS QUEEN!
  • ¡Dile más Cata! ¡Dile más!
  • Love the marketplace.
  • OMG that kissing scene got me smiling so hard! I was trying not to get into those kind of scenes but TIago wins me over!
  • I think I love Pablo and Diego! ❤
  • That was weird… but the chapter was beautiful!
  • I love how Manu can appreciate all her classmates without it being weird or sexual or a love interest. That should be noralized not only in books.
  • Goosebumps!
  • Saysa + Cata!
  • I get it, but why not keep the sexual tension for the next book? Why making a whole scene where they were about to have sex? Why the “instalove”? Why?!
  • The girl from the clinic… nice twist!
  • NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO. She have to be kidding me!

This is all for today, hope you enjoyed. Thank you for reading my blog! I can’t wait to talk to you in the comments! Hope you all are having a nice day. Keep reading, keep reacting and making new bonds! Take care, I’ll see you on my next one, Goodbye!


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