How we can support book bloggers?

I was looking for inspiration for some blog posts through the internet, and somewhere, I saw something about “how to support bloggers.” and I thought “you know what? It isn’t a bad idea, is like giving back, and that is what we need right now and what this time of the year is known for” so here I am. I promise I’ll try to make this quick and to the point, but be patient if I don’t, please.

  1. Read, like, and comment on their content.
  2. Sometimes, the content creator gets down or frustrated, when the things they do, don’t get recognition in the small way of a like or a “hey I like your post” comment. Trust me, a simple “I enjoyed this” and “like” can make the whole day of a creator WAY better and keep them wanting to create.
  3. View their stuff.
  4. Yes, it is related A LOT to reading their content but it is important, so it deserves a point alone, mostly when I just talked about comments in the first one. Knowing that there are people out there taking time to read/view your content gives you the heads up that “they are enjoying this,” and give creators an idea of what to do in the future.
  5. Interact with them on social media (if they have) or in the comments.
  6. Sometimes creators post a tweet or story or IG post asking their followers: what they would like to see next, or book recommendations, or a simple poll asking “Hey, what should I read next?” Most of the time the interaction is almost zero, which makes us think “if no one is interacting with me, that means no one cares about what I’m doing” or something like that. Same with the comments, sometimes we write little questions at the end of a post and what we get? NOTHING. Just try to interact more with those creators that you enjoy reading/watching.
  7. Share their content
  8. A simple RT (retweet) a simple share on any platform can make a creator happier. Why? Because more people see our stuff and we feel like we are doing an important or good thing around here.
  9. Support them.
  10. How? Well, if they have a Kofi or a Patreon or any other platform that does this type of stuff, and IF YOU CAN SUPPORT THEM THERE, do it. No, I don’t have any of these things, but I know many creators do, and I know it means the world to them when people support them in those ways/platforms too. Or, IF YOU CAN, maybe you can search for their wishlist or ask them if they don’t mind sharing it with you, and gift them a little something, even if it is a candy with a note that says how much you enjoy their content.

I know I might be missing so many ways that we can support creators, especially book bloggers, but I just put here the ones I would enjoy receiving (views, likes, comments, interactions, and shares). Please, try to do at least ONE of these things or support them in ANY WAY you can. I am a subscriber/follower/etc. that don’t usually interact with others out of my shyness and even doubts of “what if I am annoying?” “What if I am saying something that others might find hurtful?”(the last one, I have been a victim of, and that made me step away from commenting on others.

Now, I’m going to mention some book bloggers here for you to go and support them too.

Thanks so much for reading, hope you enjoyed! Please, go and give these and many others content creator some love. Take care. I’ll see you soon. Keep reading and creaating chain reactions! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


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