Reading Blog: Blazewrath Games by Amparo Ortiz

Welcome to what would be my last post for my stop for the Blazewrath Game book tour by HOV! I am SO excited for this post and the review of this book that it was the only reason I need LHM come to an end. Yeah, I know the last day was yesterday but that doesn’t mean you need to stop reading Latine books until next year. A little note, the banner have a danger sign on it, as if the reading blog includes SPOILERS, I double and triple checked the post and IS SUPPOSE to be SPOILER FREE. But, please go with precaution if I missed something.

I’m sorry for the length and mess of this post, but is a “live reaction” to what I was reading.

  • That last line, on the “information” part, that talks about what the dragons want to know is one of the most powerful quotes I have EVER read.
  • It is SO WEIRD to see Puerto Rico written on a fantasy book. I feel so happy just by seeing the mention of my little island here.
  • “Team Puerto Rico.” Feels like I’m watching the World Cup Series or the Olympic Games! ❤
  • Love how she talks about her father and the memories.
  • “Puerto Rico made me who I am…” YAS! ❤
  • Why they did that already?!
  • Samira is a mess hahaha
  • Love the bits and pieces of information at the start of each chapter.
  • A Buick… ❤
  • ‘”Oh, no… These are for the Obamas…”‘ ME MUERO! Dead hahahha.
  • Did he just said minorities get into college no matter the grades?! *eyeroll* Can I punch him? Please!
  • Love how the author includes people with disabilities in a world full of magic.
  • Well, that was a shock… I thought it was her dad…
  • The “BOOMS!” makes me feel like a Puerto Rican/Boricua (which is true) is telling the whole story.
  • Hahahahah I love that she is talking about flyaway and not a perfect hair! And knotted hair too!
  • Is it the owner of the wand shop?
  • This was an important day for Lana, but a sad one too.
  • These four chapters where full of action! I can’t wait for the rest!
  • I think Lana’s dad is right, there is something “fishy” about her contract.
  • OMG that Sire scene is creepy! Amparo Ortiz could write horror/thriller.
  • You HAVE?! Why? Another character that can’t deal with bad guys by his own?
  • Only two thousand?! Cheap… hahahaha
  • Piraguas! <3.<3
  • Puerto Rico’s beaches ❤
  • Of course, Boricuas siempre comiendo arroz! hahaha
  • Luis… I can’t be near them either! hahahaha
  • Mofongo! <3.<3
  • I’m in love with Edwin legs hahaha and him obviously.
  • Loved that the author used La Bahía Bioluminiscente for that story.
  • Love the representation/inclusion of foster homes for pets! ❤
  • I bet they are going to break the record.
  • Again, love the “sounds” is so Boricua.
  • Wait… Edwin understands or don’t understand Spanish? I’m lost.
  • I bet they are going to defeat Onesa.
  • ‘”We’ve failed our country already by being on time to a party.”‘ hahahaha so true!
  • Kirill no perdió tiempo! Love him!
  • Um… no Kirill, please don’t love THAT movie! </3
  • This book have many one-liners that are making me laugh too much.
  • The mention of Black Panther… it hurts. </3
  • Takeshi’s story is sad, specifically his dad’s story.
  • Can’t wait for this friendship/alliance to grow!
  • I hate that I related President Turner to another character from a series I don’t like! UGH!
  • Can you please stop with these quotes that are killing me!? I’ll need a bigger notebook thanks to this book!
  • Lana don’t lie.
  • Manny says ‘”Let’s hit it, mi gente!”‘ And my mind AUTOMATICALLY goes to Mi Gente by J Balvin! LOVE IT!
  • OMG Presindent Turner! </3
  • Obscure Magical Folklore and Enchantments! I NEED IT NOW!
  • OMG if the Sire dies then… Oh wow… No please.
  • Wait, WHAT?! So nothing bad happens? But, but, but!
  • The description of the panderetas, plena y bomba, and chanting gives me chills. Is like watching the Olympics.

So, let me let you something clear, from now on this reading blog is a mess since I didn’t write down my thought for many parts, and for others I wrote it down on the app where I was reading and after the timeline I lost my notes… Yeah… I’m SUPER happy (I bet you can feel the sarcasm.

  • Poor dragon, she doesn’t like Luis Miguel. Hahahaha
  • Something bad is going to happen to him, I can feel it!
  • Are those two going to fall in love with each other?!
  • Love the use of mythology here.
  • Samira and her love for charts is so funny and I love it!
  • I love how this book show a healthy and close relationship between a person with magic and a person without magic.
  • Reading this first game feels like listening to soccer narrators! <3.<3
  • OMG Esperanza! YAAAAAS!
  • He is just trying to make you feel tired.
  • Amparo… why are you doing this to me? My heart CAN’T take this!
  • WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?! Now I know why the author said not to read more when I said I had 100 pages left!
  • Aw! So sweet of you Lana!
  • P. 194 I love Samira so much!
  • No, this isn’t real. He can’t be!

Yes, this is what I do when I’m reading, I write down almost everything I think with each line, page, chapter, etc. Sometimes I just forget to write down, others I write in other apps/papers and then misplace it. There you have it, my long, long reading blog of Blazewrath Games by Amparo Ortiz. I was suppose to write this with a review, but since this post got so long I had to divide it. Anyway… hope you enjoyed it!

This is all for today, hope you enjoyed. Thank you for reading my blog! I can’t wait to talk to you in the comments! Hope you all are having a nice day. Keep reading, keep reacting and making new bonds! Take care, I’ll see you on my next one, Goodbye!



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